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Looking to invest in the 2012 Camaro SS yet is still unfamiliar and unaware of its latest specs, features and/or pricing? This article will be providing you with the full details of the luxury vehicle and why you should consider purchasing it.

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Chevrolet has always been one of the industry-leaders in the automotive industry, bringing vehicle lines into the market that are unequaled and unmatched in terms of performance, cost-efficiency and luxury, such as Chevy Cruze, Corvette and the Chevy Suburban. However, Chevy has launched another exciting vehicle onto the vast market that looks and feels promising. With the launch of the 2012 Camaro SS, it seems that Chevy is planning to maintain its reputation and integrity as a well established automotive pioneer. So what does the new Camaro design have to offer for enthusiasts and advocates of the brand?

Specifications and Features

To kick things off with the 2012 Camaro SS specs and features, it is worthwhile to know that the coupe design is the first vehicle to earn an untarnished 5 out of 5 stars for its NHTSA Safety Rating. This is quite important particularly for the Camaro design since the machine is generally engineered for power and altitude that is set to provide you the comfort and convenience of luxury cars with the speed and performance of sports cars.


In terms of its exterior, the 2012 Camaro offers clean, accurate and precision-engineered external structure that is set to provide speed and efficiency on the road, and designed to be an impeccable powerhouse. Clean creased lines initiated from bold fender forms and smooth and silky sculpted back shoulders engineered by a surprising single body sided panel that is truly an engineering wonder.


However, exterior is as important as the interior of the vehicle. It is where luxury and comfort collide to bring the ultimate driving experience, and for the 2012 Camaro coupe model, it definitely delivers. An interior that is fine-tuned as the main drive itself greets you as you enter the quite roomy and spacious interior space of the Camaro. You are rendered full control with the intuitive and innovative features embedded onto the vehicle including deep-bolstered seating, Driver Information Center, Cluster and Auxiliary Gauges and a noticeable Steering Wheel upgrade.


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Unmatched performance and efficiency are two of the best ways to summarize the 2012 Camaro SS specs. Though it’s difficult to believe, the 2012 Camaro is designed lighter yet more powerful with up to 323 horsepower able to be dished out but with the same surprising fuel-efficient rate of 30 MPG for highways. The 6-speed automatic transmission 2LS coupled with the dual overhead cam engine renders a heart-pumping and exhilarating performance. Direct injection and variable valve timing go hand in hand to guarantee that you are getting the most each mile you trek.

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The starting 2012 Camaro SS price rates is around the $32,000 mark for the basic model and can rise to above $50,000 for the top-of-the-line model. For more information you can check out our page that discusses pricing for the various SS models.


There are a number of accessories that can really complement your brand new Camaro.  These range from third party aftermarket accessories like exhausts, air filters and cold air intakes, as well as superchargers.  There are also a number of official Chevrolet branded accessories available including floor mats, seat covers, boot liners, colored headlight globes and more.

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